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Leslie F. Sikos, Ph.D.

Leslie F. Sikos, Ph.D. is a Web standardista specializing in Responsive Web Design, Semantic Web technologies, and Web accessibility. Being a textbook writer, he is the author of 13 computer books, including Web Standards, an Amazon.com best seller. Dr. Sikos is a member of several standardization bodies, and actively contributes to the development of open standards.

Dr. Leslie F. Sikos. Caricature: Andrew Peno



  • Website standardization in development and redesign according to all major recommendations and standards.
  • Responsive Web Design for resolution-independent, mobile-friendly website development and maximized interoperability.
  • Web accessibility to provide websites available to anybody, including people with disabilities.
  • Semantic Web to make web pages meaningful to automated software agents.
  • Publishing, especially computer book writing, technical documentation, reviewing, and editing.

Key Achievements

  • Expert Author, Ezine Articles, 2013
  • External reviewer, Symbion, 2013
  • Invited reviewer, Journal of Accessibility and Design for All, 2012
  • #2 best seller on Amazon in XML programming, 2012
  • #3 “most wished for” book on Amazon in XML programming, 2012
  • #37 best seller on Amazon in network programming, 2012
  • 13 computer books, many of which are used as university textbooks, since 2004
  • 13 media appearances, since 2004
  • Government Scholarship for PhD studies, 2006–2009
  • Invited reviewer, ATE, 2009
  • Invited reviewer, RCR, 2009
  • Article amongst the Top 25 Hottest Articles, ATE, 2009
  • Most voted macro photograph, Canon photo competition “The Assignment”, 2008
  • Fifth position at the Implom spelling bee, 1997
  • Excellent performance at a foreign language recite competition, 1994
  • Outstanding essay prize, 1993
  • Certificate of Merit, 1992