Description Logics in Multimedia Reasoning

Description logics book

Description logics in multimedia reasoning illustrates how to use description logic-based formalisms to their full potential in the creation, indexing, and reuse of multimedia semantics. To do so, it introduces researchers to multimedia semantics by providing an in-depth review of state-of-the-art standards, technologies, ontologies, and software tools. It draws attention to the importance of formal grounding in the knowledge representation of multimedia objects, the potential of multimedia reasoning in intelligent multimedia applications, and presents both theoretical discussions and best practices in multimedia ontology engineering.

Readers already familiar with mathematical logic, Internet, and multimedia fundamentals will learn to develop formally grounded multimedia ontologies, and map concept definitions to high-level descriptors. The core reasoning tasks, reasoning algorithms, and industry-leading reasoners are presented, while scene interpretation via reasoning is also demonstrated.

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Overall, this book offers readers an essential introduction to the formal grounding of web ontologies, as well as a comprehensive collection and review of description logics (DLs) from the perspectives of expressivity and reasoning complexity. It covers best practices for developing multimedia ontologies with formal grounding to guarantee decidability and achieve the desired level of expressivity and maximum reasoning potential. The capabilities of such multimedia ontologies are demonstrated by means of DL implementations with an emphasis on multimedia reasoning applications.

  • Primarily focuses on the formal representation of multimedia resources, and the video domain in particular
  • Illustrates how to use description logic-based formalisms for the creation, indexing, and reuse of multimedia semantics
  • Presents both theoretical discussions on the logical underpinning of ontologies and best practices in multimedia ontology engineering

  • Sikos, L. F. (2017) Description Logics in Multimedia Reasoning. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-54066-5