Cybersecurity Research Projects

Cyber CRC

Current Projects


In-Circuit Forensic Analysis of IoT Memory Modules, 2020–2023, $180,000

This project aims at developing a novel system-on-a-chip embedded system to acquire data for digital forensic investigations at the microchip level.

Honeypot Deployment Architecture, 2019–2021, $130,000


This research project looks into the configuration of the Cowrie and Conpot honeypots, and harden their security by making them less detectable to adversaries.

DST Group


Completed Projects


Network Knowledge Provenance (NGTF, 2017–2020, $400,000)

Knowledge Representation

The automated processing of network data is very much desired, however, constructing a machine-interpretable representation of network topologies and traffic flow is not trivial due to interoperability, complexity, and scalability issues. This project addressed many of these issues by utilizing Semantic Web standards, such as RDF and OWL, logically underpinned by description logics, which enable automated tasks to determine whether the traffic goes through a particular country, empower organizations to develop proactive cybersecurity policies, and inform decision-makers in a timely manner.

Research collaborators: DST Group, Australian Government; CSIRO Data61; University of Sydney

Knowledge Engineering Support for Modeling Complex Warfighting (NGTF, 2018, $15,000)

Boeing EA-18G Growler

In this project, recommendations have been made on suitable modeling approaches for simulation in support of force design, and the corresponding inputs required by defense were identified. Operating concepts covered by the development taxonomy include concepts of force-level electronic warfare, maritime force defense, space concepts, cooperative engagement capacity, and integrated air and missile defense. External link: Project website

Research collaborators: Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division, Australian Government