Altova SemanticWorks RDF and OWL Editor

Altova’s SemanticWorks is a visual Semantic Web editor that features a graphical RDF and RDFS editor and a graphical OWL editor, supports OWL Lite, OWL Full, and OWL DL dialects. SemanticWorks provide syntax and format checking options and the evaluation of ontology semantics with direct links to errors. Context-sensitive entry helpers display the list of valid input options depending on the serialization being used. SemanticWorks can generate code in RDF/XML and N-Triples, and convert RDF/XML to N-Triples and vice versa. The program features a printing option for RDF and OWL diagrams. New class instances can be defined using intelligent shortcuts.
The instances, properties, and classes are organized on tabs, and similar to software engineering environments, properties and property values can also be manipulated through separate subwindows. The Overview subwindow is very useful when editing large, complex diagrams, when the currently displayed portion of the diagram is indicated as a red rectangle. You can switch between the diagram and the code view at any time.

  • Graphical RDF editor
  • Graphical RDFS editor
  • Graphical OWL editor
  • Support for OWL Lite, OWL Full, and OWL DL dialects
  • Details window and entry helpers
  • Printing RDF/OWL diagrams
  • Tabs for organizing instances, properties, classes, etc.
  • Syntax and format checking with links to errors
  • Overview window for navigating large ontologies
  • Semantics checking for ontologies
  • Converting between RDF/XML and N-Triples
  • RDF/XML and N-Triples code generation