Advanced (X)HTML5 Metadata and Semantics for Web 3.0 Videos

Sikos, L. F. Advanced (X)HTML5 metadata and semantics for Web 3.0 videos. DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology 2011, 31(4):247–252, DOI: 10.14429/djlit.31.4.1105

Searching for videos online is inefficient if the search relies exclusively on relevant keywords in the text surrounding the object. HTML5 introduced advanced semantic annotation in the form of a new metadata format
called microdata. Along with the video element which provides semantics to embedded video contents, media metadata can also be used to add additional features to be searched, archived, or automatically processed.
Certain metadata formats provide a high level of flexibility adequate to combine them with other vocabularies, making it possible to write truly sophisticated, machine-readable metadata for video components of the Social
Semantic Web.