The 3D Modeling Ontology: The First Formally Grounded Structured 3D Ontology

The 3D Modeling Ontology is the first attempt to transform the entire XML schema of the X3D ISO standard (ISO/IEC 19775, 19776, and 19777) to OWL 2, covering not only X3D, but also X3DOM, the DOM-based HTML5-X3D integration model. The result of this effort is the first formal 3D multimedia ontology in OWL 2 with standard alignment, which is suitable for the formal representation, annotation, and automated interpretation of online 3D scenes, CGI, and interactive vector graphics.

The 3D Modeling Ontology was published in the following book chapter: Sikos, L. F. Rich Semantics for Interactive 3D Models of Cultural Artifacts. In: Garoufallou, E., Subirats, I., Stellato, A., Greenberg, J. (eds.) Metadata and Semantics Research, Springer International Publishing (2016). DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-49157-8_14