What are the Differences between HTML5 and HTML 5.1?

With the recent standardization of the HTML5 specification, the core vocabulary and features are being extended in four ways: 1) As modules that have been removed from the original HTML5 specifications to be standardized separately (HTML5 APIs such as Microdata or the Canvas), 2) As modules introduced as HTML5 extensions like Polyglot Markup, 3) As originally separate specifications that have been adapted as HTML5 extensions or features such as SVG, and 4) As upcoming specifications such as HTML 5.2 (specific features that would have slowed down the standardization of HTML5). HTML 5.1 falls into the fourth category, which became a W3C Proposed Recommendation on 15 September 2016, and eventually a W3C Recommendation on 1 November 2016.

It is a common question among web designers nowadays: what are the differences between HTML5 and HTML 5.1? Well, the short answer is that HTML 5.1 introduced new elements, attributes, and features, extending HTML 5.0 with the following:

  • CanvasProxy, transferControlToProxy()
  • probablySupportsContext()
  • setContext()
  • forceSpellCheck()
  • inert attribute
  • table sorting
  • menu, menuitem, contextmenu
  • allowFullScreen
  • fastSeek()
  • toDataURLHD(), toBlobHD()
  • Autocomplete limited to on|off, inputmode
  • ImageBitmap
  • details and summary element
  • dialog element
  • :dir() pseudoclass
  • seamless iframes
  • isContentHandlerRegistered() and isProtocolHandlerRegistered() methods
  • datetime, datetime-local, week, month input types
  • reportValidity() method
  • scoped style
  • XMLDocument interface
  • picture element and srcset attribute

HTML5 Became a Standard, HTML 5.1 and HTML 5.2 on the Way Coming Soon! Web Standards 2nd Edition
HTML5 Became a Standard, HTML 5.1 and HTML 5.2 on the Way
Coming Soon! Web Standards 2nd Edition

Comments to “What are the Differences between HTML5 and HTML 5.1?”

  1. Note that the document.cssElementMap and DOMElementMap interface were removed from the spec early this year due to lack of implementations.


  2. What do you mean by “table sorting”? Will it be possible to sort data in tables without JavaScript or other scripts?


  3. Thanks for this post. Do you think there will be a major evolution of HTML (5.1) in the next few months?



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